You have to give me money to make money

cooper1, 2007

I was given mostly free reign to come up with whatever design I could conceive for this site, which (in case you can’t read so good) is devised to allow Steve Cooper (hence the name) sell his photography (hence that part of the name) on the Internet (where this and most other Web sites exist).

The picture frame image is, in fact, a scan of a picture frame I have hanging on my wall (where picture frames often go, I hear). More trivia: The real-life frame contains a drawing by the person through whom I met Steve, though at no point was scanning the frame a provision for getting the Web site job. I just scanned it on a lark and it happened to work out nicely.

The site is mostly a reformatted version of the Coppermine image gallery CMS. I cut it up and added in functionality to allow people to buy the photos (kind of important), and created the pages for making custom sets in plain PHP. The wood floor graphic is not from my actual wood floor.