Put Off Until Tomorrow What Can’t Be Done Today: Web Category Edition


Sometimes, despite there being roughly three million productivity tools on the Internet, you want something that doesn’t quite exist exactly as you want it to exist. So you gather up your PHP, SQL and other coding knowledge and just build it yourself. We all can relate to that.

In my case, I wanted a way to just file thoughts away — be they things I need to do or just random ideas or thoughts I can’t act on right that minute — and completely forget about them until I’m reminded of them the following morning. And I wanted a way to do this simply without cluttering up the to-do list I currently use or adding a needless layer or app or IFTTT recipe or whatever other stupid thing would be necessary to get this result on someone else’s service.

So I built exactly that for myself. And, just in case anyone else out there wants the same thing I do in exactly the same way I want it, I made it look reasonably pretty, gave it a cute name, added some documentation, and even gave it a cute mascot.

You can visit here and create your own account if you feel like it. It’s free to use and unencumbered by attached strings or catches. Enjoy.